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Pacpro can provide turnkey process control solutions for turbines, turbo generators or compressors used in power generation facilities, as well as individual control system solutions for linear or rotating type machines.

Having signed a know-how and business partnership agreement with the experienced Italian company T&T System, Pacpro can perform all kinds of Control System applications related to Steam and Gas Turbines independently of the manufacturer -OEM.

Our solutions based on Energy and Turbomachinery process, control of auxiliary systems, vibration monitoring/control systems, Load sharing, Antisurge control, Overspeed control systems can be used in new facilities and machines as well as in systems that require modernization and are out of date.

• Turbo Compressors
• Gas Turbine
• Steam Turbine

on your systems,

• Energy Saving – Advanced ACS / Anti-Surge Control
• Long-term operation with a stable, reliable control system
• Advanced, advanced technology based machine protection system
• Integrated control system – Turbine, Compressor and Process
• Economic savings – Performance increase and fast return on investment
• Advanced, user-friendly HMI interface
• Optional Redundant Controller, Communication network, SIL2 Certified Safety PLC

For any questions about our power generation solutions, you can request a meeting with our sales engineers.

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