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There is wealth of data in manufacturing industry to achieve smart manufacturing targets in many industries by improving production process, efficient operation workflow and reducing maintenance costs.

Capturing that data from automation systems (DCS, PLC, OPC), connect to the business enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, MRP) and converting into actionable information with smart algorithms and analytics tools helping our clients to make effective decisions for their manufacturing intelligence.

Pacpro Manufacturing Intelligence solutions includes;

  • IIoT Solutions
  • Traceability/Genealogy
  • Reporting
  • ERP Information Integration
  • MES Integration
  • Plant Metrics (OEE) and KPI Tracking
  • Real Time Dashboards (Process and Production)
  • Web based process and production Visualization
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms Integration
  • Data Historian & Database Management (SQL, Oracle)
  • Virtualization (ESXi, ESXi High Availibity, VMWAre, Hyper-V, VirtualBOX, Veem)
  • Cyber Security, Data Security and Network Management